We love to experience everything a game has to offer. Be it RP, any and all PVE content or brutal
PVP tests of strength. We take pride in the time we take to gain every legitimate advantage we can
over other players or AI enemies. Inch by inch we gain victory.

We are casual; we want to log in and have fun.

We are hardcore; when we pick a goal, we give our best to get it done.

Our guild is the middle road, the balance of extremes. We are here to have fun, to relax, and to work
together to experience as much of the game as possible. However, we remember that the most important
part of the previous statement is that this is indeed a game. We may take the game seriously, but real-life always comes first.

Grouping and interaction are important to us. We group to discover our strengths; to compensate for our
weaknesses; and to anticipate one another's actions. We have no place for those who seek only personal glory
or advancement. While those things may come, they should not be the only goal. The focus should lie upon the
person next to you, your fellow members, and upon the guild as a whole.

The focus of the guild is the members, not the ego of its leaders. The stronger and more competent the
membership, the greater the strength and potency of the guild itself. The character of the individual
strengthens the group. The cohesiveness of the group strengthens the raid. It is the same with the structure of the guild itself.

We fully understand that not everyone RPs, groups, raids, or PVPs. That is fine, you play the game
to enjoy it as we all do. We do require our members to fully respect other people’s play styles even if it does not match their own.

The focus of the member is the guild.

The focus of the guild is the members.

No matter what game we play.